Zhengzhou International 邂逅初夏的绿城郑州

图片新闻郑州日报2020-05-18 09:23:10

Bishagang Park     Photo/Ma Jian


Breathing fresh air and walking in the streets of Zhengzhou, the city was an eyeful with green lands and trees, which seltering the path tightly.


Boasted as a "green city", Zhengzhou is also a city full of flowers where suitable for vacation, relax and for the old to spend remaining years.

坐拥“绿城”之名,郑州也是一座鲜花盛开的城市,一个人人向往的休闲、度假、养老之城。(记者 马健)


▲ Huzhu Street


▲Songshan Road


▲Songshan Road


▲Songshan Road


▲Yihe Road