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Have You Seen the White Clouds Floating in the Blue Sky above Zhengzhou, and Do you Know “Why the Sk

郑州之窗2021-07-09 17:14:04





  The blue sky scattered with white clouds above Zhengzhou looked extremely beautiful! Quite a few citizens here became intoxicated by the “candy floss-like” white clouds floating in the sky. But do you know why the sky is that blue and beautiful? Let us learn the relevant knowledge while appreciating beautiful photos.





  Zhengzhou Meteorological Service released an authoritative explanation as follows: sunny weather, good visibility and fine air quality as well as blue sky all fall into the domain of optical principles.



  Sunlight is composed of seven colors, but after scattering, mainly blue is left. For this reason, beautiful blue sky is seen.


Zhengzhou Release


Zhengzhou International 郑州入围全国省会城市GDP十强

27 provincial capitals (capital of autonomous regions) cities have released their 2020 Economic Annual Report after Lhasa recently released its economic data for 2020.

Spring in Zhengzhou 烟雨蒙蒙 绿城春如画

A light rain goes on and on. In the drizzle, Zhengzhou is misty and rainy likes a poetic painting.

Zhengzhou Vision


Zhengzhou International 大音希声会善寺

Among the temples in Songshan of Zhengzhou, Henan Province, Huishan Temple is the least conspicuous. It hides in the valley under the green peaks of Taishi Mountain, standing in the wind and rain for thousands of years, and elegantly portraying the Buddhi

Zhengzhou International 绿城最美的四季,都在这里

No pains, no gains,please start the New Year with diligence