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Zhengzhou .City Card

Walls tearing-down works has been finished in Jingwei Square. When walking near the to the park, one can see the rest area, micro landscape, lawn, flower beds, tree-lined path in the garden plaza. [more]

One Belt and One Road Zhengzhou


Zhengzhou International 郑州机场成防疫物资国际出港大通道

As an important node on the "silk road" and the international air cargo hub airport during the epidemic prevention and control, azerbaijan silk road aviation, air cargo airlines, Luxembourg, Russia, the Russian air bridge tianmen airlines, cathay Pacifi


It is deemed as a cultural tradition for the Chinese nation to worship Huangdi on the third day of the third lunar month which can be traced from the Spring and Autumn Period, and today we will meet the same day in Gengzi year.The Ancestor Worship Ceremon



Overseas Chinese worship ancestor 全球华人拜祖 祈福世界安康

The grand ceremony of ancestor worship in the hometown of the Yellow Emperor this year is scheduled to be held on March 26. The ceremony will be presented in a simple and solemn manner, consisting of online worship, TV broadcast of the world's Chinese wo

Pray for blessing by one click 一键换装祈福安康

It is recorded in Word and Expression that "blessed is the man who is blessed by god". Blessing is a psychological reflection of people's pursuit of a better life for thousands of years, from which the blessing culture is derived. The culture of blessi

Zhengzhou Discovery


Zhengzhou International 这条铁轨,是郑州著名爱情打卡地

In downtown Zhengzhou, if you want to find a place where has water, bridges, railway tracks and romance, it's easy to think of the Dongfeng Canal.

Zhengzhou International 邂逅初夏的绿城郑州

Breathing fresh air and walking in the streets of Zhengzhou, the city was an eyeful with green lands and trees, which seltering the path tightly.

Beautiful Zhengzhou 在郑州这个地方, 26万株曳尾花齐放

In April days, kites flying and butterflies dancing. The iris flowers in Lvcheng Square has been blooming since early April. Now it has entered the best viewing period and will last until mid-may.

Zhengzhou Release


Daily Updates on COVID-19 in Henan(2020-07-02)

No confirmed, suspected, or asymptomatic cases in Henan province were reported between 00:00-24:00 on July 1, 2020.

Daily Updates on COVID-19 in Henan(2020-07-01)

No confirmed, suspected, or asymptomatic cases in Henan province were reported between 00:00-24:00 on June 30, 2020.

Zhengzhou Vision


What stands for Zhengzhou 丨来吧来吧,开启郑州美食密码

Lasting for five thousand years with Chinese civilization, cooking culture also has a long history.Zhengzhou cuisine has an unspoken culinary code among Zhengzhou people.

Spring in Zhengzhou 丨春到登封

When March comes,sun and spring also visit the earth hand in hand.All things revive, the branches turned to green, flowers bloom, as if the most beautiful season of the year had suddenly begun overnight.

Pictures Zhengzhou