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Zhengzhou .City Card

The drizzle comes like an appointment added a feeling of romantic beauty for hundred flowers in this spring. [more]

One Belt and One Road Zhengzhou


Archaeological Discovery 丨郑州巩义双槐树遗址入选“2020年中国考古六大新发现”

Among the six China's new archaeological discoveries of 2020 released by the Institute of Archaeology of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences is the Shuanghuaishu site in Gongyi City, Zhengzhou, Henan Province.

Zhengzhou International 街拍郑州 生活如此精彩

the best scenery is around our own life, photographers could find enough in the trivial life of the wonderful and romantic



We Are All Descendants of the Dragon


The Fight Against Xing Tian: a one-to-one hit between a hero and a warrior


Zhengzhou Discovery


Spring in Zhengzhou 伏羲山上杏花开

Fuxi Mountain Scenic Spot is located in Fuxi Mountain, 4 kilometers away from Zhengzhou-Shaoxiao Expressway, 13 kilometers away from Zhengzhou Longhai Expressway, and it belongs to the half an hour's economic and living circle of Zhengzhou.

Spring in Zhengzhou 樱花又染河南岸 郑州古柏渡相约赏花来

When spring returns to the earth, all things revive, it is a year to appreciate the cherry.

Spring in Zhengzhou 春日园博园,最美的遇见~

In March,when the dazzling peach blossom will be in full bloom , the plum flowers are still in full bloom at the moment, standing proudly on the earth.

Zhengzhou Release


Zhengzhou International 郑州入围全国省会城市GDP十强

27 provincial capitals (capital of autonomous regions) cities have released their 2020 Economic Annual Report after Lhasa recently released its economic data for 2020.

Spring in Zhengzhou 烟雨蒙蒙 绿城春如画

A light rain goes on and on. In the drizzle, Zhengzhou is misty and rainy likes a poetic painting.

Zhengzhou Vision


Zhengzhou International 大音希声会善寺

Among the temples in Songshan of Zhengzhou, Henan Province, Huishan Temple is the least conspicuous. It hides in the valley under the green peaks of Taishi Mountain, standing in the wind and rain for thousands of years, and elegantly portraying the Buddhi

Zhengzhou International 绿城最美的四季,都在这里

No pains, no gains,please start the New Year with diligence

Pictures Zhengzhou