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Zhengzhou .City Card

The year of the rat is approaching, where should the public go to experience the rich flavor of the New Year? [more]

One Belt and One Road Zhengzhou


Flower show 明日开幕!郑州碧沙岗公园新春蜡梅梅花展等你来

Hosted by Zhengzhou Garden Bureau and undertaken by Bishangang Park, the 2020 plum flower show will be held from January (the 28th day of the 12th lunar month) to February 9, 2020 (the 16th day of the 1st lunar month)

Zhengzhou International 郑州中大门“O2O线下自提模式”在全国推广

Zhongdamen is the first and only comprehensive commercial service platform that truly realizes cross-border O2O and offline self-pick-up



Zhengzhou Energy 叔叔把早餐让给了我 这一份请你收下

It is really a small matter which I do not expect the boy to remember.

Zhengzhou Specialty 郑州十大历史名产@郑州莲藕

Lotus seeds dating back to 5,000 years ago were unearthed in Dahe village in the northern suburb of Zhengzhou, where is the main production of lotus root today.

Zhengzhou Discovery


Zhengzhou International 第35届“新春杯”全国少年足球赛在郑州开赛

It is reported that theChinese “New Year Cup” National Junior Football Match was founded in 1985, and has been successfully held for 34 sessions.

Zhengzhou International春天,到巩义去看牡丹

Gongyi City Landscaping Center took the second section of the city's ecological water system as an opportunity to improve the peony garden actively in terms of varieties, quality, scale and supporting infrastructure.

郑州地铁2号线二期明日试运营: 可从航空港直达惠济区

The second phase of line 2 will start a trial operation tomorrow.

Zhengzhou Release


Thumbs up for Quality Zhengzhou 2020年, 继续为郑州点赞

Today's Zhengzhou pleases the locals and attracts the foreigners with ever-improving appearance and temperament, and has become a civilized, pro-business and livable tourism city, a charming city playing host to numerous fashionable and international eve

Zhengzhou International 郑州跻身数字城市“十强”

In the report, Zhengzhou shows great development potential and ranks 6th in the overall digital development index, making itself a first-tier city.

Zhengzhou Vision


Zhengzhou Transportation 分分钟尝鲜泰国味 郑州至曼谷货运航线开通

The Zhengzhou to Bangkok freight line of the Tianhuo Cargo Liner Route, export cross-border e-commerce goods, import Thai fresh cold chain goods such as live shrimp and fruit.

Zhengzhou International 2019郑州高新区的10个高光瞬间

Zhengzhou High-tech Zone has been granted 4982 management rights in 2019

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