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Limited time available! 5 million yuan consumer vouchers issued in Zhengzhou

郑州之窗2021-12-17 09:58:49

The reporter learned yesterday from Zhengzhou Bureau of Commerce, from December 17 to 26, Zhengzhou will held" Taste of Central Plains "Food Festival which unites the city's key food blocks, shopping centers, brand catering enterprises jointly , launches characteristic food market, characteristic dishes, warm winter snack blind box and other activities, and issued 5 million yuan catering consumption vouchers.


The 5 million yuan food voucher are divided into three kinds including 10 yuan, 30 yuan, 50 yuan,with a total number of 220,000. During the activity period from 10:00 on the 17th to 24:00 on the 26th, 500,000 yuan will be put in at 10:00 every day. The voucher not used on that day will be automatically counted as the next day and can continue to be used. The coupons will be issued in the form of e-coupons. All people in Zheng can participate in the event through the activity page of UnionPay "Cloud Flash Payment APP". Each person is limited to 1 voucher during the activity. In the case of quota, 10 yuan voucher can be used when spending over 30 yuan, 30 yuan voucher can be used when spending over 100 yuan, and 50 yuan voucher can be used when spending over 200 yuan. If the consumption amount reaches different full reduction standards at the same time, according to the higher price automatic processing. The consumption voucher can be used in combination with the discount coupon provided by the business.


Relevant departments remind that catering consumption vouchers can only be used in the food blocks, shopping centers and offline physical stores of brand catering merchants participating in this activity: Longhuli, David Plaza, Zhenghong Grand Emporium, Haihui Bussiness Center, City On, Mixc Mall, Huiji Wanda, Banu Hotpot, Manyu Restaurant etc.

有关部门提醒,餐饮消费券限在参与本次活动的美食街区、购物中心、品牌餐饮商家线下实体店使用:龙湖里、大卫城、正弘城、海汇港、熙地港、万象城、惠济万达、巴奴毛肚火锅、曼玉餐厅、阿五黄河大鲤鱼、肯德基、必胜客、麦当劳、汉堡王、魏家凉皮、西牧尚品等。(记者 曹婷)


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