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The oldest stone arch bridge in Zhengzhou,Huiji Bridge

郑州之窗2021-12-27 16:09:59

A bridge carries the soul of a city, witnesses the historical development and change of a city, and connects the life memories of several generationsWhich bridge do you like in Zhengzhou? Which bridge let you reluctant to part, let ’s visit zhengzhou full of infinite possibilities together.

一座桥承载着一座城的灵魂, 见证着一座城的历史发展和变迁, 通联着几代人生活回忆你喜欢郑州的哪座桥? 哪座桥又让你恋恋不舍,让我们共同去探访充满着无限可能的郑州。




Huiji Bridge, the oldest stone arch bridge in Zhengzhou, is hidden in Huiji Village outside the North 4th Ring Road.

在郑州北四环外的惠济村,藏着一座郑州最古老的“石拱桥” 惠济桥。


On May 1, 2004, Mangshan District in Zhengzhou city was officially renamed Huiji District, and many people may not know that the name "Huiji" is related to this ancient bridge.




Now we see the Huiji Bridge site has been reconstructed. Around the bridge a garden was built, go forward along the stone monument square about 50 meters, two bridge buildings could be seen, among which  is Huiji Bridge. Around the bridge stand willows , two deep ruts on the bridge surface extend forward, as if telling its past prosperous scene.



The bridge, a witness of the city's development, bears the exclusive memory of Zhengzhou. The bridge is the "ancient name card" of the city culture and the crystallization of the historical yearbook and culture.



Name Card--Zhengzhou Huiji Bridge



History: From the 6th century to the 10th century AD, the Sui and Tang dynasties built the Grand Canal to connect the Central Plains with the South of the Yangtze River in order to consolidate national unification and strengthen north-south exchanges.According to documents and archaeological excavations, the eastern section of Tongji Canal starts from the south bank of the Yellow River in Zhengzhou in the north, leads the Water of the Yellow River southwards, passes through Huiji Bridge Village and Diwan Village, then turns east, and infuses Huaihe River through Suoxu River. In history, Tongji Canal was also called Huji River. A stone bridge was built on the river and named after the water, so it was called "Huji Bridge".



Characteristics:Zhengzhou Huiji Bridge is a three-hole arch bridge, 5 meters wide,40 meters long, Huiji Bridge was one of the eight scenes in Yingze.



Address: Navigate Huiji Bridge Site Park directly.



文本来源: 郑说广播、郑州电视台 


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