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Another cultural landmark opens in Zhengzhou

郑州之窗2021-12-20 11:50:53


Recently, the site museum of Zhengzhou Shang Dynasty Capital City and the Archaeological Museum Of Zhengzhou Institute of Cultural Relics and Archaeology (hereinafter referred to as "the two institutes") held a trial opening ceremony.



The "two institutes" are composed of three parts, namely, Zhengzhou Shang Dynasty Capital City Site Museum, Zhengzhou Institute of Cultural Relics and Archaeology and the shared area, with a total construction area of 75,000 square meters.



Covering an area of 5,500 square meters, the exhibition hall of Zhengzhou Shang Dynasty Capital City Site Museummainly focuses on displaying the history and civilization of the commercial capital, highlighting the unearthed cultural relics, relics restoration, archaeological research and other contents of zhengzhou Mall site. The archaeological Museum exhibition hall of Zhengzhou Institute of Cultural Relics and Archaeology covers an area of 2100 square meters, mainly displaying the major achievements of archaeological excavation in Zhengzhou, including zhengzhou centennial archaeology, Zhengzhou Paleolithic culture, Chinese Yazhang culture and other exhibition halls.


Photo: Shang Dynasty capital civilization exhibition



During the trial operation, visitors need to make an appointment with their real names on the official wechat account of Zhengzhou Commercial Capital Relic Museum in advance. Open daily from 9am to 17pm (except Mondays). The museum will officially open in April 2022.





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