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Strolling on the bank of the Yellow River, date with this winter.

郑州之窗2022-01-05 17:47:16

Strolling on the bank of the Yellow River,date with this winter.


Ma Jian/ photo


When it comes to the Yellow River in winter, the Yellow River beach park is indispensable. It starts from Jiangshan Road in the west, reaches Huayuankou Yellow River Bridge in the east, to the south bank of the Yellow River in the north,and provincial highway S312 in the south. Because it is close to the Yellow River, the area is larger within 35 square kilometers of the embankment, with a total area of 44 square kilometers, equivalent to 147 People's Parks. This is a country park that reflects the natural scenery of the Yellow River, and it is also the largest park in Zhengzhou...



Ma Jian/ photo


The weather cleared, and the place became more quiet and gentle.



The red and blue slow walking path is covered with russet leaves. The sun shines from afar. When visitors look up, the quiet river turns blue against the blue sky. Occasionally a bird crosses the reed, adding a touch of spirit to the quiet beauty of early winter.



 Ma Jian/ photo


As long as you come to the bank of the Yellow River in winter, you will find that more and more migratory birds come to Zhengzhou for the winter. They are experiencing difficulties and hardships in the long journey of migration, but nothing could shake their determination to come to Zheng for the winter.




Early in the morning, it seems very quiet here, in the set off of blue sky, the water becomes uncommon blue color, the Yellow River in the shallows, egrets and herons, swan, black stork, geese figure can be seen everywhere, they leisurely paced in shallow water, and sometimes fly freely in the sky, forming a beautiful ecological harmonious picture.



 Li Xinhua/ photo


Walking along the Yellow River in winter, whether you are walking along the poetic red and blue interwoven footpath, feeling the movement of migratory birds passing through the reeds, or watching the Yellow River sunset in Nanguotou, are all gifts of nature. Come here to a convention belonging to this winter.





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