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Spring in Zhengzhou 樱花又染河南岸 郑州古柏渡相约赏花来

郑州之窗2021-03-04 09:32:36


When spring returns to the earth, all things revive, it is a year to appreciate the cherry.




In March , the Gubai Du Fengyue Cherry Garden opened in Xingyang, Zhengzhou. About 120,000 national cherry trees are in full bloom, and they made a pink world on both sides of the Yellow River.




Cherry blossom originated in China and then became famous in the world. It thrives in Henan Province. During the Tang Dynasty, cherry blossoms were widely planted in Xingyang region.




Fengle Cherry Garden welcomes a 45-day cherry blossom blooming from March to mid-April. Every year, nearly one million tourists from inside and outside the province come to enjoy the cherry blossom in the garden.




This year, the scenic spot will continue to implement the preferential activity of one ticket for two parks. From March 1 to April 15, tourists wearing Hanfu can enter the park free of charge.






Zhengzhou Release


Spring in Zhengzhou 烟雨蒙蒙 绿城春如画

A light rain goes on and on. In the drizzle, Zhengzhou is misty and rainy likes a poetic painting.

Zhengzhou International 趁雪未消融,一起领略航拍郑州之美

It is just the time when spring comes into the Year of the Ox, and when a timely snow promises a good harvest.

Zhengzhou Vision


Zhengzhou International 2020中国宜居宜业城市榜发布 郑州成功入选

The successful selection of Zhengzhou as a livable and professional city is closely related to the rapid development and improvement of urban construction in Zhengzhou. In recent years, With the rapid and steady development of urban construction , Zhengzh

Zhengzhou International 令人惊叹! 22米巨幅长卷剪纸《黄河明珠图》亮相郑州高新区

A giant long paper-cut work named“Pearl of the Yellow River”recently appeared in Zhengzhou National Hi-tech Industrial Development.