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Spring in Zhengzhou 伏羲山上杏花开

郑州之窗2021-03-08 10:37:19


Fuxi Mountain Scenic Spot is located in Fuxi Mountain, 4 kilometers away from Zhengzhou-Shaoxiao Expressway, 13 kilometers away from Zhengzhou Longhai Expressway, and it belongs to the half an hour's economic and living circle of Zhengzhou.




Covering 57 square kilometers, the highest altitude of the mountain is 1108.5 meters. The average forest coverage rate reaches 82%, and the air quality is excellent all the year round, so the place can be called the natural oxygen bar in Zhengzhou.




The apricot flowers here are mostly pure wild apricot trees which spread over the hillsides of the fields and the houses of the farmers, integrating with nature perfectly. The local government launch of a series of tourism activities such as hiking, climbing and fitness tours, folk culture tours, leading visitors into the beautiful countryside, drunk into the tour of apricot flowers.




This weekend is when apricot flowers are at their best. Bring your family and friends to Fuxi Mountain to enjoy the apricot flowers.







Zhengzhou Release


Spring in Zhengzhou 烟雨蒙蒙 绿城春如画

A light rain goes on and on. In the drizzle, Zhengzhou is misty and rainy likes a poetic painting.

Zhengzhou International 趁雪未消融,一起领略航拍郑州之美

It is just the time when spring comes into the Year of the Ox, and when a timely snow promises a good harvest.

Zhengzhou Vision


Zhengzhou International 大音希声会善寺

Among the temples in Songshan of Zhengzhou, Henan Province, Huishan Temple is the least conspicuous. It hides in the valley under the green peaks of Taishi Mountain, standing in the wind and rain for thousands of years, and elegantly portraying the Buddhi

Zhengzhou International 绿城最美的四季,都在这里

No pains, no gains,please start the New Year with diligence