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We Are All Descendants of the Dragon

郑州之窗2021-04-16 09:49:14

The Yellow Emperor had made both political and military achievements, he unified the country, and soon won over all the clans and tribes. Now they were all members of one family, but their signs still varied a lot, which meant a lack of solemnity and was not good for solidarity. Some ministers proposed to use the bear image of the tribe of the Yellow Emperor as the unified totem.



The Yellow Emperor thought it over and said, “The totem should be accepted by all the tribes. Don’t mention the bear any more. Whoever proposed the bear will be scolded.”



When they were brainstorming, suddenly dark clouds were rolling in the sky and soon there were rumbling thunder and lightning, as if a message was going to be revealed.



Something appeared in a flash in the mind of the Yellow Emperor, and he was suddenly enlightened: the lightning looks like a snake, so let’s take it as the body, then we use the scales of the fish, the head of the horse, the nose of the lion, the eyes of the tiger, the tongue of the ox, the horns of the deer, the teeth of the elephant, the whiskers of the sheep and the claws of the eagle…all the tribal elements are included, and then we do a good Photoshop, can my idea get a 99? Then we give this great idea a name that strikes the ears like the roar of thunder, and that means full marks!



Then they all looked at the Yellow Emperor, expecting but ashamed. The Yellow Emperor looked up at the sky at the angle of 45 degrees: those bursts of thunder coming from there, isn’t that the name? Rumbling, rumbling…



In order to snatch the last point, the ministers threw out a lot of names, but none was satisfactory and all were passed.



Excellent! How didn’t we think of it? The ministers spoke a series of glowing terms to the Yellow Emperor. The latter ordered Cang Jie: create a special character for this sound. Thus, the word “dragon” was born. Ever since then, the dragon has become a symbol of the auspicious authority of the Chinese nation. Even the Yellow Emperor took the lead in worshipping it.


Zhengzhou Release


Zhengzhou International 郑州入围全国省会城市GDP十强

27 provincial capitals (capital of autonomous regions) cities have released their 2020 Economic Annual Report after Lhasa recently released its economic data for 2020.

Spring in Zhengzhou 烟雨蒙蒙 绿城春如画

A light rain goes on and on. In the drizzle, Zhengzhou is misty and rainy likes a poetic painting.

Zhengzhou Vision


Zhengzhou International 大音希声会善寺

Among the temples in Songshan of Zhengzhou, Henan Province, Huishan Temple is the least conspicuous. It hides in the valley under the green peaks of Taishi Mountain, standing in the wind and rain for thousands of years, and elegantly portraying the Buddhi

Zhengzhou International 绿城最美的四季,都在这里

No pains, no gains,please start the New Year with diligence