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突破2000班! 中欧班列(郑州)加速“奔跑”

郑州之窗2022-01-10 11:40:25

Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Opening Up Office of Zhengzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone that in 2021, the number of international freight trains originating and terminating in Zhengzhou broke through 2,000,reaching 2002.



We will open wider to the outside world and fully integrate ourselves into the Belt and Road Initiative. Last year, Zhengzhou opened four direct international routes to Poland (Katowice), Italy (Milan), Turkey (Mersin) and Russia (Kaliningrad), forming an international logistics network system of "twelve stations and six ports".



As an important platform and carrier to promote high-level opening-up in Henan, the China-Europe Freight train (Zhengzhou) has been speeding up its "run" in recent years. Last year, the Economic development Zone established New Silk Road Port Investment Co., LTD., gradually forming an international freight train operation pattern of "multi-main body, multi-routes and differentiation", and creating an efficient collection and distribution system with Zhengzhou as the center of "combining trunk and branch, hub and distribution".

作为推动河南高水平开放的重要平台和载体,这些年来,中欧班列(郑州)不断加速“奔跑”。去年,经开区组建新丝路港务投资有限公司,逐步形成了“多主体、多线路、差异化”的国际班列运行格局,打造了以郑州为中心的“干支结合、枢纽集散”的高效集疏运体系。(记者 王译博)


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