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Zhengzhou Online channel for help in the pandemic helped 442 person-times

郑州之窗2022-01-11 09:40:08

The channel of "Zhengzhou Fight against COVID-19" has set up a number of categories, including epidemic policy, transportation, seeking medical care and medicine, student education, food supply and health code issues, providing person-to-person solutions for citizens' urgent, difficult, anxious and hopeful problems and receiving reasonable suggestions on epidemic prevention and control.



After the opening of the platform, users quickly submitted data with high frequency. The peak of access occurred from 14:00 to 14:30 on January 9, 2 hours after the launch, and the highest click volume reached 1 million times.As of 20 PM on January 10, the platform has verified about 1,800 pieces of information, and 442 cases have been effectively solved so far.



During the callback, many citizens said that the launch of the channel was too timely, which solved their crying needs and made them feel that Zhengzhou is "so warm and loving". It is the best embodiment of practicing the online mass line and promoting "I do practical things for the people".



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Zhengzhou Online channel for help in the pandemic helped 442 person-times

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